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Saturday, September 13, 2008

The Best Free AntiVirus Combination

And now, after months of independent lonely research, I present to you the BEST FREE ANTIVIRUS AND EVERYTHING ELSE combo!!!

And the winners are:


1. Avira AntiVir Free Personal PE Classic
2. COMODO Firewall PRO 3.0
3. Spyware Terminator

I have tested these on virus affected school computers ( LOL Don't ask)
Avira stands out the best after comparing with AVG and Avast!
( Avast came up 2nd and well AVG free seems not so good.)
Comodo Firewall is the best after comparing with the chunky ZoneAlarm Firewall
And Spyware Terminator is d bes comparing with Ad-Aware 2007, Spybot Search and destroy and Windows defender.

The best news is that they don't eat up your ram and cpu resource

But of course, you need to continuously update. The spyware terminator update is so slow, avira is okay, and the firewall doesn't update, unless you switch into future versions.

The firewall maybe a little paranoid but if you are an adverage user, change the settings.

And if you have a super pro pc that is still free with too much of idle ram, install windows defender or spybot S&D and update. Beware that spybot S&D might slow down the pc.

THe spyware terminator comes with the crawler toolbar and the web defender add on. My advice, don't install. YOu still can if you want, but i don't recommend it.
Instead, get the McAfee SiteAdvisor( its free) or the WOT add-on for Mozilla Users only. The Mcafee SiteAdvisor is for both IE and Mozilla Firefox, but you may have to download them seperately.

Till then, i hope this helps. Bye~